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Parkhurst Bowling Club Petition

We note with great alarm the influx of people living in dire circumstances in these city owned properties and in the public open spaces along the Spruit. The failure of the City of Johannesburg to secure, maintain, clean up and service the properties has created a humanitarian, environmental, health, safety and social crisis.

This is in response to the increasingly dire and very dangerous conditions related to the unlawful occupation of the Parkhurst Bowls Club and surrounds, and the ongoing failure of the City of Johannesburg to address the situation.

This petition is only one part of a multifaceted approach to bring pressure to bear on the City of Johannesburg to address this issue as a matter of urgency.

We ask that you sign, complete and share the petition. The more engagement and support we can demonstrate from concerned people, organizations and businesses (directly and indirectly affected), the louder our voice and the stronger our case.

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Experts needed

We are looking for residents to assist us as experts in their field of work. We need:

Town Planners,
Environmental Engineers,


In order to make a difference, we need funds to compel the council to execute its mandate and serve and uphold the law in the community.

By donating, you are making a difference to your “Back yard“.



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